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Sodalite obelisk 763g

Sodalite obelisk 763g

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Logic, rationality

Sodalite has a calming energy. Its name refers to the sodium content in the mineral. Sodalite is found as vein fillings in igneous rocks that formed deep in the Earth’s crust. Sodalite is opaque with a vitreous or greasy lustre. The best blue shades of Sodalite are found in deposits alongside white Calcite.

Sodalite unites the logical mind with the emotional heart, bringing resolution. This capacity can help end arguments, even those in your own mind.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Colour: blue, blue/grey (white, yellow, red and green rarer)

Emotional: calming, honesty

Mental/intellectual: communication, intelligence, intuition, knowledge, learning, self-discipline, truth

Spiritual: angelic communication, clairvoyance, communication, higher self, inner vision, meditation, psychic abilities

Astrology: Sagittarius, Venus

Number: 4

Crystal system: cubic

Location: Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, USA

Rarity: rare

Mineral Class: sodalites

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