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Our World Rocks

Rocks and Things has a large range of popular and rarer crystals, fossils and minerals. We have over over 1700 items in stock for you to explore, with more being added every week. Our wide range includes many spheres, obelisks, raw crystals and minerals in their natural form and more. Rocks and Things also features a large range of amazing crystals, carvings and specimens through our exclusive arrangement with Lawrence Handicrafts based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Rocks and Things was started by its owner Mark Feigan in 2019. Mark loves crystals, minerals and fossils. Mark had a strong childhood hobby interest in crystals and lapidary. It seemed natural to go on to study geology after doing Maths/Science in Year 12 at high school. Back then, when people asked him: 'what is geology?’; he would usually answer 'Rocks and Things', like his fellow students did. His studies and career though then went in a different direction for the next 30+ years.

Mark's crystal journey was rekindled on a road trip along the beautiful Eastern Australian coastline in 2019. He started Rocks and Things at the Kingsbury Drive Community Market soon after. Mark called his stall Celeste Crystals when he first started. He changed the name in 2023, feeling it better reflected his long-term interest in rocks and related things.

Mark now travels to many markets, sharing his passion with the people who find their way to his stall. Mark tries to have every kind of crystal and stone that customers might ask for, even though this is impossible with more than 4000 minerals found on our beautiful world. Most of the Rocks and Things Collection is available in the showroom, which Mark has setup in his loungeroom.