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Snowflake Cherry Blossom Agate flame from Madagascar 63g

Snowflake Cherry Blossom Agate flame from Madagascar 63g

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Trauma release

Cherry Blossom Agate is also known as Flower Agate. It is recent find from Madagascar. Cherry Blossom Agate is a pink form of Agate with opaque white Chalcedony inclusions that look like blossom flowers.

Cherry Blossom Agate helps bridge the gap between your emotions and everyday reality. It does this by activating and connecting your Heart and Root Chakras. This is best experienced through deep meditation, aided by having this powerful stone over your heart. During the meditation. focus on your emotional body and its current needs. This exercise can free you from the deep pain that has become attached to your heart. The energies of the Cherry Blossom Agate resonate with your core, exposing and releasing the trauma held and carried inside. This frees the love inside you from the constraints that previous trauma was weighing you down with.

Chakra: Root, Heart

Colour: pink with white

Emotional: anxiety, compassion, generosity, passion, peace of mind, relaxation, stress, soothing, trauma, trust, understanding

Mental/intellectual: empathy, inspiration, presence, resolution, self-discovery, self-expression, sense of purpose

Physical: nurturing, rejuvenation, trauma

Spiritual: abundance, awareness, enlightenment, inner peace, grounding, growth, meditation, truth, wholeness, wisdom

Astrology: Virgo, Venus, Earth

Number: 7

Location: Madagascar

Rarity: rare

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