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Afghan Jade hand-carved Angel 138g

Afghan Jade hand-carved Angel 138g

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Kundalini awakening

Serpentine means ‘stone snake’. It is the name given to a group of, magnesium based asbestos and silicate minerals found in the larger Serpentinite family of minerals. It is formed through plate tectonics and is found on every continent. Serpentine provides powerful healing energy and is linked to our Kundalini energy. When dormant, Kundalini energy lies coiled at the base of the spine. Its release is transformative.

Afghan Jade is a form of Serpentine (Bowenite) named after the country where it is mined. It is translucent to opaque, varying in colour from white, light to dark green and can also occur with yellow, black or pink.

Chakra: all

Colour: black, green, olive green, yellow,

Emotional: compassion, love, relationships, soothing

Mental/intellectual: selflessness

Physical: healing

Spiritual: chakra alignment, communication with animals, connection with Nature, Kundalini awakening, meditation, transformation

Astrology: all signs, Earth

Crystal system:

Location: Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Madagascar, Peru, South Africa, UK

Rarity: common

Mineral Class: Serpentinite

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