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Dark Green Tourmaline from Skardu, Pakistan 31.4ct 6.3g

Dark Green Tourmaline from Skardu, Pakistan 31.4ct 6.3g

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Emotional growth

Green Tourmaline is a beautiful complex lithium-rich borosilicate mineral and a member of the Elbaite mineral family. Elbaite is an igneous mineral that almost always forms in granite pegmatites. Elbaite can be any colour of the rainbow, and crystals can be multi-coloured. Elbaite usually forms as elongated rods or prismatic crystals that are heavily striated. Blue and Green Elbaite crystals are often pleochroic, which means that the crystal appears darker in colour when viewed along its vertical axis, compared to viewing along its horizontal axis.

Green Tourmaline is a powerful heart-activation stone. It brings invigorating energy of growth and expansion to the emotional body. The resonance of Green Tourmaline aligns with the heart chakra, helping to calm the nervous system and emotions.

Chakra: Heart

Colour: green, olive green, emerald green

Emotional: compassion, generosity, joy, peace of mind, relaxation, self-expression, soothing, stress, trauma, trust, understanding

Mental/intellectual: decisiveness, determination, empathy, focus, inner peace, new beginnings, opportunities, resolution, sense of purpose, truth

Physical: healing, nourishment, nurturing, rejuvenation, strength, toxins

Spiritual: awareness, clairvoyance, connection with nature, consciousness, enlightenment, expansion, grounding, growth, meditation, transformation, unity, wholeness

Astrology: Capricorn, Venus, Earth

Number: 6

Birthstone: October

Crystal system: hexagonal

Location: Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, Pakistan, USA

Rarity: rarer

Mineral Class: silicates

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