Lawrence Handicrafts

Mark and Lawrence have formed a partnership to bring amazing crystal specimens and carvings from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Australia. Lawrence owns and operates an artisan workshop in New Karachi employing many local craftsmen. They work on the stones that Lawrence sources from the renowned historic precious and semi-precious gemstone and stone wholesale markets in Karachi. Lawrence is a skilled craftsman himself. He personally produces by hand all the amazing animal carvings that you will find here. Lawrence personally travelled in November 2023 to the gem fields of Afghanistan to source the latest finds available from there. These stones include amazing Afghan Jade, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby and Tourmaline. From Skardu, Pakistan, Lawrence is able to source beautiful stones such as Agate, Aegerine, Bumblebee, Caribbean, Chocolate and Mangano calcites, Epidote, Quartz specimens and other amazing crystals and minerals. Wholesale queries for these products are welcome.

Lawrence handicrafts range

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