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Red Corundum Ruby crystal untreated, 5/6 crystals 8g

Red Corundum Ruby crystal untreated, 5/6 crystals 8g

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Ruby is revered in many cultures throughout history. Ruby has been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. It symbolises the Sun and its glowing hue suggest an inextinguishable flame within the stone. Ruby was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence. Ruby would warn its wearer of impending danger and kept their body safe. Ruby was also worn to banish sadness and dispel foolish thoughts. It was reputed to bring its owner peace, drive away frightful dreams, restrain lust and to help resolve disputes. Ruby can have an immensely powerful effect on dreams and is used to aid lucid dreaming.

Chakra: Root

Colour: blood red, pink, red

Emotional: anxiety, joy, love, passion, relationships, stress, trust

Mental/intellectual: adventures, altruism, courage, creativity, determination, dreams, insight, inspiration, resolution, truth

Physical: nourishment, rejuvenation, self-healing, strength

Spiritual: abundance, protection, synchronicity

Astrology: Cancer, Mars

Number: 3

Birthstone: July

Crystal system: hexagonal

Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA

Rarity: rare

Mineral Class: corundum

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