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Caribbean Calcite hand-carved Angel 135g

Caribbean Calcite hand-carved Angel 135g

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This guardian Angel has been hand-carved in Caribbean Calcite by Lawrence Riaz, from stone he sourced. Caribbean Calcite, which is actually an Aragonite mineral. This stone is found only in Pakistan, where Lawrence Handicrafts is located. This guardian Angel is 76mm tall and its wings are 55mm wide. It weighs 135.6g   

Self-confidence: Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral, formed in limestone caves and around hot springs. It has the same composition as Calcite, with a more compact structure. It is often recognised as a twinned pseudo-hexagonal prismatic crystal. Twinning results from interruptions during the growth of the crystal. Aragonite is a powerful stone with strong energies for chakra activation and alignment. It restores balance and raises vibrations to a higher spiritual level. This means that Aragonite will push you to make changes in your daily life.

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